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Five Myths about Breakouts!
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There are many reasons why your skin might breakout, but there are definite myths that need to be talked about, and we're here t ...
Two women whispering and smilingThere are many reasons why your skin might breakout, but there are definite myths that need to be talked about, and we're here to bust them! So you have acne, and you trust a parent, a friend, the commercial on tv to tell you what to do, yet nothing changes. Thats because many of the things you hear about why you have acne or are breaking out simply aren't true! Myth #1- You breakout because your skin is "dirty". We have a definite obsession with hygiene in America, and while cleanliness is great, you do not need to scrub or foam every layer of your skin away to get rid of the "dirt" that is causing your breakouts.  In fact, you're doing yourself more harm than good if you are over cleansing the skin. You are getting rid of the "acid mantle", which protects the skin from outside elements, as well as over drying it so that it starts to over produce oil, which in turn makes you more oily than you were before! The best thing you can do is to use gentle cleansers morning and night. No, you don't need to wash your face 10x a day! Myth #2- The sun clears up your breakouts. We have discussed in many previous blogs the harmful effects of the suns rays to the skin. If you have acne and are using topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, or harsh skincare, they can make you much more sensitive to light. This could mean a higher incidence of sunburn. In addition, if you're prone to hyper pigmentation due to inflammation from acne, it could make the dark spots hang out longer on the skin. Don't sit in the sun to cure a breakout, it really isn't the solution! Myth #3- Oily and skin prone to breaking out doesn't need moisturizer. Oily skin still needs moisture, and if you're not at least using a light moisturizer that hydrates your skin, you are doing your skin a disservice.  Oil and water are two different things, and even though your skin might produce enough oil (or more than what you want!), it doesn't mean that it is hydrated. This is why someone can be oily and flaky at the same time. Especially if you're using harsh topicals or products like benzoyl peroxide that kill bacteria and dry out the skin, you need to add moisture back in. Use an oil free moisturizer morning and night. Myth #4- Cover up your breakouts with heavy makeup. While we understand that you may not want to walk around makeup free if you are in the midst of a bad breakout, it is best to use makeup that is non-comedogenic. Sometimes heavy foundations and powders that improve the appearance of the skin temporarily are really making your situation worse. Use a light foundation or cover up, apply it only where needed, and make sure it doesn't have pore clogging ingredients. Many brands even sell makeup that has acne fighters in it. Makeup that is caked on and heavy isn't a good look either, so lighten up on the coverage. Myth #5- You stop breaking out after your teens are done. Ever hear of adult acne? Teens are not the only people who suffer from breakouts. Women can suffer hormonal breakouts well until their 40's and up until menopause, and some people skip the teen breakouts entirely, only to find that they start breaking out in their 20's or 30's. This is because our hormones are changing on an every day basis, and those fluctuations can cause skin to break out. Lessons learned: Use gentle products and don't over cleanse the skin.  Stay out of the sun and always use sunscreen.  Use an oil free moisturizer daily. Use light makeup to cover up spots as needed- don't cake it on! Finally, if you escaped teen acne only to get it later in life...stick to the lessons above! If you have any questions on how to banish your acne, feel free to discuss down in the comments!