Kim Schanzer and Michelle Moyer

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The Anti-Aging Factor

Anti-aging laser treatments are becoming as common as washing your face. However, there are many lasers out there, that do different things to both the surface of the skin and underneath. The associated costs will…


Out darn spot!

There are many reasons why we get hyperpigmentation and spots on our skin, and many things we can do to correct them.  In this blog we are going to discuss the different types of hyperpigmentation,…


Don’t try this at home!

Many people are coming in to the office asking “What about a home laser device? Can I use that?” Our resounding answer is…”NO! Please don’t attempt to do this in your own home!” Would you…


What are Dermal Fillers?

Don’t let the word “filler” scare you. Injectable fillers are great ways of rejuvenating the skin and adding lost volume to aging areas such as the cheeks, the naso-labial folds, eye hollows, and even augmenting…

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