Can a chemical peel prevent skin cancer? YES!

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In this day and age, when we are so aware that over exposure to the sun can produce many unwanted side effects such as wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer, we wonder- what can we do to prevent such things? The obvious answer would be “WEAR SUNSCREEN!” The next answer would be to try a chemical peel as studies have shown they can help to get rid of the sun damage (actinic keratosis) that can lead to skin cancer. Not only does the appearance of sun damage on the face, arms, chest, and hands age you and make you look older than you are, skin cancer is a pretty serious condition that can lead to scarring or worse.

A 30% TCA peel every 3-4 weeks on affected areas can help reduce the risk of skin cancer, as well as promote a more youthful and glowing look to your skin. Our Rhonda Allison TCA peels can be applied to most areas of the body that are affected by the sun.

If you are a former sun-worshipper, go for regular mole checks at the dermatologist as well as keep your eye on the ABCD’s of skin cancer. If any moles that you have are changing in any of the below ways, get checked!

A – Assymetry

B – Border

C – Color

D – Diameter

As well as being aware of the above, please limit your sun exposure during peak hours, reapply sunscreen often, and cover up!

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  1. Lisa

    Chemical facial peels vary in strength, and only professionals can administer stronger acid concentrations. These treatments can be repeated every week or two due to rapid recovery rates. Multiple treatments may be needed to see the desired results.


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