face-neck skin tightening

Lasers and Light 101

Ever get overwhelmed by all the various laser options available to you? You aren’t alone! No matter what your issues are, for the most part, there is a laser solution for you! Maybe it’s broken…

laser dark skin

Is there a laser for dark skin?

There are many myths that there isn’t a good laser for dark skin. This is completely untrue!  People with darker ethnic skin tones like darker Asians, those of Afro-American descent, darker Hispanic, Indian, or Middle…


Excessive Hair Growth in Women- what to do?

As experienced professionals in the laser hair removal business, we’ve seen countless women come in with complaints of excessive hair growth on their face and body, typically in male-patterned areas. Their concerns are nothing new…


PCOS- Does it need a new name?

We wrote about PCOS about a year ago as an informative article for our clients to let them know about PCOS, what it is, and the side-effects that suffering from this syndrome can cause.  However, recently more…

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