Is there a laser for dark skin?

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laser dark skinThere are many myths that there isn’t a good laser for dark skin. This is completely untrue!  People with darker ethnic skin tones like darker Asians, those of Afro-American descent, darker Hispanic, Indian, or Middle eastern descent can absolutely get treated with lasers, although those lasers need to have a very specific wavelength.

We’ve all heard the horror stories or seen pictures of people on the internet that have had terrible treatments due to lasers that has perhaps led to long term scarring, or worse. But with the proper lasers, those negative side effects are a thing of the past!

Is there a laser for dark skin that is best for hair removal?

Yes, there is a laser for dark skin! Darker skin tones can be treated with laser hair removal but should only use an ND:Yag laser. This specific wavelength is safe for darker skin tones as it is less sensitive to melanin (what gives hair and skin it’s color).  Because it is less sensitive, you won’t have the issues where it would pick up on the skin instead of the hair.  This makes laser hair removal a completely viable option for those that have darker skins, with NO bad side effects! So, that means that darker skin tones can certainly achieve the smooth skin, free of ingrown hairs or pseudo-folliculitis. If you have a dark skin tone and you are interested in getting laser hair removal treatments, we suggest that you look for a place that uses only ND:Yag lasers on their darker skinned clients.

Is there a laser for dark skin that be used for Skin Rejuvenation?

Yes, we’ve got a laser for that too! It depends on what you are looking to do, but if you have an active acne condition you can look into a laser like Smoothbeam, which helps to kill active acne.  The laser wavelength of light used in Smoothbeam is not a melanin-seeking one, so completely safe for dark skin.  If your issue is more skin texture, you can also look into something like E-Matrix, or radio frequency, which is also color blind and does not pick up on melanin. With treatments like these, you can seek out a laser that doesn’t see melanin and they are completely safe for dark skin.

Hopefully by now, we have reassured you that there are definitely some misconceptions about what is the best laser for dark skin tones and that in fact, yes, there are lasers for you out there that are completely safe and effective!

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