Laser Hair Removal on the Hairline- THE Celeb Secret

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Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.41.39 PMLaser Hair Removal on the Hairline- would you do it?

It may not be a secret any longer that laser hair removal on the hairline is becoming more widely known because of some very famous faces (and bodies!) that have taken advantage of this great service. If you look at some before/after photos, you may see some striking differences on peoples faces- mainly on their hairlines! If you look closely at Kim Kardashian’s before and after picture, you’ll notice that on the “before” picture, she has a lot of “baby hairs” that come a few millimeters down her forehead. In her “after” picture, these have been removed, yet her hairline still looks natural (it is widely known that Kim is a huge fan of laser hair removal).

Hairline modification done with laser hair removal can give you a subtle, yet striking result by opening up the face, cleaning the edges of the hairline, and giving your face an overall more graceful and neater appearance. Imagine pulling back your hair for an every day ponytail, or for a special event and to your dismay, you have wild hairs on the hairline that have a life of their own and cannot be tamed! For certain ladies, this may not be a big problem, but if you are someone  that wears their hair up frequently or is perhaps getting photographed for a special occasion, you might want a more permanent fix to this issue.  Hairline laser hair removal can also fix a generally low hairline if done well.  Of course, the last thing you want is to look like you are wearing a hair-helmet or a wig, so finding a technician with an artistic touch is important.  You would never want to take more than the smallest amount off of a hairline or you could risk looking “done”, but when done tastefully, laser hair removal on the hairline can look beautiful.

Aside from Kim Kardashian, another well known faces that have had laser hair removal on the hairline are Lilly Ghalichi from “Shahs of Sunset”. And even before laser hair removal even existed, celebrities like Rita Hayworth underwent electrolysis to modify hers- and her looks are truly legendary!

Remember, you only want to remove the smallest amount of hair on the hairline. Since laser hair removal works best on darker hairs that are more coarse, those of you with blonde or red hair may not be candidates for this procedure and it’s recommended that you get a full consultation before receiving services.

Would you ever get laser hair removal on the hairline? Let us know below!

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