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We really love our clients!  The great news is that they really love us back, and they show it by giving us many positive reviews on various websites like Yelp, Citysearch, and Google.

Some of these websites employ a “natural search” feature, which means that some reviews, although positive, get filtered out so that the average viewer won’t see them.  We have about 86 (yes, you read correctly) filtered reviews on Yelp, and we’d love to highlight a few positive ones that you may not have seen…

A referral for our services is the best compliment anyone can give us!

**names have been removed to protect privacy**

Review on Laser Hair Removal- male, fair skin tone

My backstory: I’m a man with a VERY fast-growing beard, leaving me with almost permanent “five o’clock shadow” (i.e., I never really looked “clean shaven,” no matter how often I shaved). I finally decided to do something about it and get laser hair removal on my beard area. I did a TON of research, because I was very worried about some kind of screw up (e.g., a permanent scar or burn) on my face, where everyone could see it forever.

Long story short, there are TONS of laser hair removal places in Manhattan, but there are only a tiny handful of really, really good ones (where they have very, very up-to-date technology and also very experienced technicians — you need both). BEWARE the cheap places — you really do get what you pay for!

I had an initial consultation with Michelle, who went over everything with me very thoroughly. Michelle: super sweet, very knowledgeable, no bulls*itting, no hard sell. I ended up buying a package of several sessions for what I thought was a very reasonable price.

I’ve had five sessions so far, all with Michelle. My impression is that she really knows her business (i.e., which machine to use and your type of skin, and which setting on the machine) and she’s also very sweet and caring. In a couple cases I had questions for her between appointments and emailed her and she always got back to me very promptly.

Honestly, the first couple sessions of laser hair removal are very painful, no matter where you go. It’s the nature of the process. (Note: Get the optional numbing cream and take 2 ibuprofen before each procedure.) But the thing is, when done right, the process really does work! Certainly my own results have been great; I really couldn’t be more pleased.

Review on Laser Hair Removal- female, dark skintone

I love love LOVE Pulse Laser and skincare center.  I was fortunate enough to sign up for 2 groupons to try their laser hair removal treatment. I opted to get my underarms treated.  They are conveniently located off the 6 train on Madison & 32nd. The facility is A+ for cleanilness and professionalism.  I have brown skin tone and I know that can be a concern for people with darker complexions receiving laser treatments.  They use the newest technology and I have had excellent results. Zero discoloration / hyperpigmentation on my skin. They use the utmost care with each and every treatment, zero shortcuts to get you the optimum results.  They also recheck your medical history / condition with each visit (which is quite reassuring) prior to each treatment.  If you can, I would recommend Jennifer for your treatments. She is very sweet and quite professional.  The underarm treatments only last a couple of minutes so I am able to go during my lunch break, in and out in a flash which is quite convenient. I have already finished my 5th treatment and my 6th will be my last in my sessions and I am 95% hair free under arms. I really hope this review has helped! Also they do offer specials outside of groupon so I would call to ask!

Chemical Peel Review- female, dark skin tone

I first came to pulse because of the stellar yelp reviews. Thank you yelp!! Finding Pulse and Michelle (Esthetician) was truly a wish come true. I had extremely bad acne scars and frequent breakouts. I couldn’t leave my apartment without caking on the make-up. I went in for a consultation and met with Michelle. She recommended the facial peels for me. I trusted her. I am always weary of adverse effects of anything to my face because I am Indian and I have dark skin. So I went in for my first peel. Michelle totally customized my peels to my skin’s needs. I have had 5 peels and my stubborn acne scars are virtually gone, the breaks are definitely decreased and most importantly, I have my confidence back. I can now go out my apartment without make-up and feel comfortable. The comments and compliments from others have also been amazing. Thank you Pulse and Michelle for giving me my confidence back!! I will recommended this place  to everyone I know!

Smoothbeam Review- male, dark skin tone

I’ve had severe acne as long as I can remember. After going to many skin specialists and trying a variety of acne medications, as well as oral antibiotics, I decided to try Smoothbeam. I was very nervous at first. After reading several testimonials, I instantly knew this was the most effective way of getting rid of acne for good. After six Smoothbeam treatments at Pulse and several Skin peels, my skin has cleared up almost completely. My breakouts reduced to maybe one-two zits compared to 15-20 average. Results will show gradually! Be extremely patient and soon you will see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Laser Hair Removal Review- female, olive skin tone

If I could click on more then 5 stars I really really really would. I LOVE Pulse Laser. I purchased a Groupon last Fall and am still continuing with treatments. I love the place so much and am so happy with my results that I decided to buy another laser hair removal (regular price–no sale) that Melissa even gave me a discount on! She is def my favorite there…she’s quick, tries to make is as painless as possible and talks to me the whole time. really makes for an OK experience.

Go here! and if you do ask for Melissa for the Laser Hair Removal!!

Laser Hair Removal- female, fair skin tone

Spectacular service. Let me explain:

I have some experience shopping around for different locations to have laser treatments. This one is definitely top notch. They use a different type of laser and the results last a really long time. But it is more painful. I have had laser done at a different location for my bikini area so I was surprised that the first time I did my underarm here I felt like crying, well, I did actually. The second time I went, I had Monica. I told her about my tears from the first time and not only was she super patient with me but she said that if I cried again, she would cry with me. She also gave me a stress ball to hold onto.

The place is always relatively empty and calming. I never have to wait too long and the experience, though painful, is always easy to get through with the ladies that work here. They are patient, and do not rush you out. I also never have a problem setting up an appointment. Oh and most importantly, its clean.

Laser Hair Removal review- female, fair skin

Kudos for Pulse! I went for laser hair removal and was completely impressed by Kim’s level of professionalism and sophistication.  She fully explained the procedure to me including the risks and went out of her way to comfort me. And, she was astonishingly careful and meticulous with the laser and literally didn’t stop until she was satisfied that she’d zapped everything. Nicer yet, she emailed the next day to ask if I was experiencing any discomfort–which I wasn’t.  How ridiculously nice is that??  I don’t think I’ve ever received a follow-up call–even from a doctor.  And all this for a super reasonable price in the middle of Manhattan. This place is a hidden gem!


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