Salicylic Acid and How It Can Benefit Your Skin

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beta_action_scrub_1024x1024We wanted to tackle some ingredients in this weeks blog post, and we get asked all the time what products help to reduce acne and inflammation in the skin.  One of THE most important and widely used products is Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid, originally derived from willow bark, is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.  The ingredient is found in common Aspirin so those that have an allergy to that medicine should not use it topically. Salicylic Acid helps the dead skin cells to shed more quickly, penetrating the clogged pores, and neutralizing the bacteria within the follicle and sebaceous gland. Those that have congested skin, black heads, and excessive oil will find that using a product with Salicylic Acid will help them to maintain a clearer complexion, helping with redness and breakouts. Usually found in concentrations of 2%, this is safe enough to use every day, though it can be drying and if you find flakiness a side effect, you can reduce usage to 2-3 times per week.

You may find Salicylic Acid in face washes, toners, lotions, scrubs, anti-acne serums, and professional chemical peels. Our singularly most popular line of products that we carry is the Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea line that contains this ingredient, and we also perform customized chemical peels with Salicylic Acid in stronger strengths.

A nice trick that you can do in a pinch if you have a particularly bad breakout is to make what is called an Aspirin Mask.  Take a few uncoated Aspirin, mash them up with a little water, and pat on to your blemish. The Salicylic Acid contained in the aspirin can help to reduce the inflamed area, which you can do before an event or if you don’t have a blemish serum on hand.

Have you ever used Salicylic Acid in any of your skincare?


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