How to Layer Skincare Products

Let’s be honest. For a newbie, the world of skincare can be a bit confusing and maybe even a little intimidating. There are products for nearly everything – from cleansers to toners to serums to…

Acne Scar Treatment - Laser Skin Resurfacing

The Acne Scar Solution

Acne can be problematic for many people, but even when the breakouts have gone away, the long lasting negative effects can stay with a person, sometimes for years.  Acne scars that are red or pigmented…


Easy Ways to Fight the Signs of Aging

Our skin ages with time from biological as well as environmental factors. Unfortunately, since there is no “Fountain of Youth” to bring our skin back from age 40 to 20, here are some simple ways…


Do I really need toner?

Lots of our clients here ask us if they need a toner. The simple answer is not necessarily, but it goes a bit deeper than that.  Whether or not you choose to, or yes, need…


The Not-So-Secret Collagen Cocktail

As some of you may remember, we recently had representatives from Rhonda Allison come into our offices to do some continuing education.  This was when we also did some peels on the ladies of Pulse.…

loving the fan!

The Pulse Girls got PEELED!

We think that it’s only fair that we receive all the services that we give- it gives us knowledge as to how our clients feel and what they experience during and after a treatment. Additionally,…

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