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Sila S. ,  

Appointment Date: 4.23.2012

I've been going to Pulse for over a year now (since Jan 2011), so I can honestly and confidently comment on the results of their laser hair removal.

First, with almost no exception, everybody at Pulse is super nice and kind, from receptionists to technicians (I don't differentiate but recently I have a favorite technician, Monica :) Second, even though I'm no expert, after having frequented 3 laser places in NYC, I do believe that Pulse has superior laser machines than most other places (they don't even need to apply a cooling gel which leaves you icky afterward). Third, I DID SEE LONG-TERM RESULTS which I think should be the most wondered question by readers here.

I should also note that before Pulse, I completed several sessions on different body parts at 2 other NYC locations one of which was actually nice service, a tranquil atmosphere and everything, but no results! So, believe me when I say this: If it's too cheap to be true, it probably is not going to work! Except for when you get a Groupon type of deal at Pulse for which only new clients are eligible so after Groupon, I continued at slightly discounted prices but it is totally worth it because you actually see results at Pulse, whereas I ended up spending over $2,000 at places where the results were only temporary.

I believe the other locations were using IPL, which (as I learnt after spending the money) is a temporary hair removal method. After completing 6 to 8 sessions each, my legs, arms, and underarms were hair free for the most part- or so I thought. But about 4 months after the last sessions, everything came back!! I also tried brazilian and full face, but no need to go into details here.

Bottom line is other places didn't work. So I decided to take it slow at Pulse. I also told them of my disappointments at those places, and that I didn't want to spend money on other areas before seeing results for my Groupon deal for 6 Brazilian sessions. And by now, I know that if hair removal is going to work on your body at all, it has to work in the Brazilian or underarm area where we have the lightest skin and darkest hair, perfect target for laser.

I had my 5th Brazilian in August 2011, and didn't even need the 6th one right away. Even though I still didn't need it that much, I had the last one this March. From now on, I am eligible for half price touch ups, if I need to, I might go in once a year or every other year for it. It still beats waxing/shaving by a long shot!!

I also started other areas (underarm and chin) at Pulse, but that's for another review, after I see the long-term results.

Wenting X. ,  

Appointment Date: 3.4.2012

I absolutely recommend this place to anyone that is thinking about laser hair removal.

i got the groupon deal for 6 large sessions (brazilian) and i have finished my first treatment and will be going back soon for my second. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone that is thinking about laser hair removal. they treat you here with great service regardless of whether or not you are using the groupon or not. the appointments are made and they even send you a confirmation email once its set.

I went it and my technician was very knowledgeable and talked me through everything she was doing. I felt very comfortable and the entire process was over before i knew it. im not going to lie, but yes it does hurt like no other...but worth it! just after one treatment, i've already seen dramatic changes. I havent had to shave in over a week and really dont see a big different. also the hairs just started to fall out on its own.

I actually think i will be hair free after 4-5 treatments..but we'll see how it goes. over all, this is a great place to go. they get you in and out in about 20-30 mins. they use the new machines that just has the puff of cold air before the laser.

I will update this once im done with my treatments...hopefully my ratings dont change.

Lisa A. ,  

Appointment Date: 2.29.2012

Honesty Alert!!!

Look, I love Freddie Mercury, but I certainly don't want my upper lip to resemble his. Nor do I enjoy those random pesky chin hairs that women often have to deal with. I realize that this is a sensitive subject, but it's an issue that all women--or almost all-- deal with on a daily basis. So, if you're tired of plucking, threading, bleaching and waxing, I highly recommend laser hair removal.

I took advantage of a deal with Groupon (3 sessions for $89) and purchased two Groupons for a total of six sessions. I recently finished my treatments and I am more than satisfied with the results. If, for whatever reason I may need a touch up I was informed I'd receive a slight discount on a single treatment (yay!). Honestly, the laser doesn't hurt that much, especially durning the first few treatments when the intensity of the laser is low (they start off low and then increase the intensity as you progress in number of treatments). Basically, it feels like someone is flicking you with a warm rubberband. I had a few great technicians and the office is very clean and quiet and tucked away in an office building. They offer all kinds of pricing packages for women AND men. Treatments on some areas of the body will be more expensive, but competitive to other establishments. So, ladies, just do it. It's worth the money and you'll feel much better.

*Quick tip: save time by downloading and filling out the patient information forms prior to your first visit. Also, don't take antibiotics two weeks before your first visit.

Katie M. ,  

Appointment Date: 1.28.2012

This is my favorite laser place so far!

Very clean environment, staff and technicians are both professional. After my 1st treatnment, they called back to see how am I doing.

During the treatment, my technician Monica gave me squeeze ball to hold. So, nice! It's surely painful, but I can see the immedicate result form it. I really should have gotten one more Groupon deal to do other area. I have tried several locations for laser reduction treatments and this location is the best place so far. I totally recommend this place!

Updates: still the best and favorite laser place for me. I completed 3 treatments and I already see the improvement. I will try another laser location uses same Candela GentleLASE technology. May be this treatment best suits for me. Notwithstanding, this technology I am still pleased their clean office environment and superior customer service I receive from this location. Totally highly recommended.

Julie F. ,  

Appointment Date: 9.26.2011

Pulse is AMAZING!!!

I found out about them last summer through groupon. I used the groupon for brazilian laser hair removal & loved the results so much I have paid full price for my underarms & lower legs. I have seen groupons and lifebooker deals for other places but I have come to like the technicians at Pulse so much that I would rather stick with what I know & trust. Friends of mine have gone the cheaper route and not had good results. With Pulse, you get what you pay for!! I have seen Michelle, Kim, Monica and Jen. All are great but I LOVE Jen. She is sweet and friendly and keeps me occupied with light conversation while she zaps away. Its not pain free but the cool burst at the end helps and Jen is super fast.

Ancy A. ,  

Appointment Date: 9.19.2011

I will recommended this place to everyone I know!

I first came to pulse because of the stellar yelp reviews. Thank you yelp!! Finding Pulse and Michelle (Esthetician) was truly a wish come true. I had extremely bad acne scars and frequent breakouts. I couldn't leave my apartment without caking on the make-up. I went in for a consultation and met with Michelle. She recommended the facial peels for me. I trusted her. I am always weary of adverse effects of anything to my face because I am Indian and I have dark skin. So I went in for my first peel. Michelle totally customized my peels to my skin's needs. I have had 5 peels and my stubborn acne scars are virtually gone, the breaks are definitely decreased and most importantly, I have my confidence back. I can now go out my apartment without make-up and feel comfortable. The comments and compliments from others have also been amazing. Thank you Pulse and Michelle for giving me my confidence back!! I will recommended this place to everyone I know!

Jackie F. , Long Island City, NY

Appointment Date: 6.15.2010

Last week I had laser hair removal on my legs and underarms by one of the owners, Michelle (who is so pretty, you will want her to make you look like her!) I had already completed 9 sessions at Laser Cosmetica and still had a lot of missed hair. This one session finally completely removed everything. Laser Cosmetica never worked this good. The lasers are much better here and it seemed to hurt less. The location is great (right near subway) and the office is spa like instead of sterile like some others. I also had her give me a peel, which I loved. My skin started to peel off 2 days later and continued to peel for 5 days.

Jennifer Z. , New York, NY

Appointment Date: 2.17.2010

Kudos for Pulse! I went for laser hair removal and was completely impressed by Kim's level of professionalism and sophistication. She fully explained the procedure to me including the risks and went out of her way to comfort me. And, she was astonishingly careful and meticulous with the laser and literally didn't stop until she was satisfied that she'd zapped everything. Nicer yet, she emailed the next day to ask if I was experiencing any discomfort-which I wasn't. How ridiculously nice is that?? I don't think I've ever received a follow-up call-even from a doctor. And all this for a super reasonable price in the middle of Manhattan. This place is a hidden gem!

Christy D. , Albany, NY

Appointment Date: 2.16.2010

One of the best facials I've ever had. First off, I mentioned that I found it on Yelp! and I received 40% off, which is a huge savings. The space was small but really well used. The bed was super comfortable, felt like being on a Tempurpedic mattress, very clean, modern, great product - Dermalogica.

The esthetician was really knowledgeable about the product and the biology of the skin as well. Another bonus, she didn't push the product on me. I can't stand it when estheticians do that. She was also very in tune with knowing when to talk and when to just let you relax and enjoy the pampering. Every time I visit the city (which is not too frequently) I hope to make an appointment to have this experience again. Highly recommended.

Reviewed By: Juli , 11.30.2009

Appointment Date:  

This Reviewer's Rating: 4 stars

I recently had my first appointment at Pulse and it won't be the last! I booked a Dermalogica Back Treatment and (my first) Laser Hair Removal treatment with one of the owners and I couldn't have asked for a better esthetician. Don't let the office building exterior fool you, Pulse is great - it was SUPER clean, SUPER professional, and the treatment results were incredible. I've been to tons of spas in NYC and the quality of service I received from Pulse is one of a kind, not to mention both estheticians are highly trained, licensed, and certified. I can't wait for my next treatment!

Elena b. , New York, NY

Appointment Date: 11.13.2009

I had a great experience. Kim does really good facial massage, uses smart skin care products and really takes her time to finish the proceedure. I would definately recommend her. Elena

Tamar V. ,  

Appointment Date: 6.14.2010

Love this place! I get my laser hair removal, facials, and peels all in one place. I've been to two different places for laser hair removal before I found pulse and I was really disappointed by the laziness of the technicians. This is not the case with the girls at pulse. Michelle is so sweet and very thorough with every treatment. It's great to see a business that cares about their clients.

Saranda ,

Appointment Date: Sep 27, 2010

Excellent Results - I have been doing research for laser removal for about 6 months now. I decided to go in the Pulse Laser and Skincare Center just for a consultation. I was amazed at how professional everyone in the office is. After speaking with Michelle regarding the procedure and how they go about, I was extremely comfortable that I decided then and there to do full leg, Brazilian bikini, arms and underarms.
Everyone at the office is EXTREMELY professional, understanding and polite. They take their time with you explaining in detail what their work entails and they are able and willing to answer all your questions. Results = AMAZING. I left the office very happy.

by mrs88 at Citysearch,  

Appointment Date:  


They ladies there were nothing but very informative and kind. The treatment was explained to me in detail and they were very gentle. As a black woman laser treatment is tricky because it may not work. But their lasers worked wonders. My skin is nice smooth and radiant. I have waited years for skin like this and I thank them very much for helping me achieve it. No more neck and chin hairs!!!

by S22 at Citysearch ,  

Appointment Date:  

Great treatment and care

I went to Pulse last week after purchasing an amazing deal online. I filled out a pretty long history questionnaire, which I thought was necessary. The office was clean, the machines were new and nice. The staff was great and professional. I have been going for laser treatments for years now, this was the quickest most painless laser treatment I have ever had. I got my underarms and brazilian done.

In addition to my outstanding experience at the office, I got a call from Pulse to find out how I felt a few days after treatment.

I highly recommend getting rid of your unwanted hair here, it's totally worth it!

Esther K- Yelp ,  

Appointment Date: 1/13/2011

5 stars

I love this place! They are very very very accomodating!!!

for one of my sessions, I happen to be in the neighborhood a couple of hours earlier than my original appointment time, I hopped in hoping that they might be able to squeeze me in so i wouldn't have to make a trip back. Guess what... they had me in and out in less than 20 minutes. I will definitely be coming back here if i need anything done.

They are extremely professional, friendly, accomodating. Another huge important factor, the place is very clean!


SE B. , Manhattan, NY

Appointment Date: 1/25/2011

5 stars

Only a trully exceptional experience could transform me from a longtime Yelp reader into a fully fledged Yelp reviewer!

Why my visits to Pulse have been so noteworthy:

1. The office itself is immaculate. Many places that offer 'laser' hair removal are simply hair/beauty salons that shaft you into a back room for your consult. Pulse is clean and almost clinical - which is very important to me. Also the machines look modern and new!
2. The staff at Pulse are incredibly professional, highly knowledgable and also very friendly. I A scored one of the amazing Groupon deals for laser hair removal. As a fair skinned gal with light hair I was prepared for substandard results! However my experienced consultant devised a regimen specifically designed to meet my somewhat challenging skin/hair combination...which leads me to my next point....
3. THE RESULTS - I have completed 4 out of 6 sessions for hair removal and I am amazed with the results! Each session brings less and less hair growth!!

Seriously if you are like me and don't fit the 'ideal' candidate should not consider going anywhere else. A I have had laser hair removal at another place and these results have been dismal - it felt like they use the same machine for everyone and did not adjust the settings to meet my needs!! A I really cannot recommed this place enough!

I am keen to try laser for some of my other woes (vein removal, sun spots) and won't go anywhere else!! Thanks Pulse - I am definately going to enjoy swimsuit season a whole lot more this year ;-)

Jenna M. , Manhattan, NY

Appointment Date: 9/21/2010

5 stars

You would think that my opinion of a place that zaps me with lasers would be negative, but I'm actually really enamored of Pulse. A I came here recently for laser hair removal services, purchased with a Groupon. A My esthetician, Jennifer, took the time to schedule a consultation with me prior to my first treatment and went over every last detail of the procedure: what it was, how it would feel, what to expect afterwards. A I felt incredibly comfortable, and when she suggested that we could do the full treatment on the same day, I opted to go for it.

There wasn't much pain, and I didn't have any reaction or irritation after the treatments -- just great results. A Their prices are really competitive (chances are, you will be coming more than just the three visits purchased with the Groupon), and I appreciated their willingness to work on a payment plan. A

The office itself is clean and convenient, and everyone else I encountered on the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. A I'd actually consider coming here for other skin care services long after my Groupon has been used up.

Jessica K. , Philadelphia, PA

Appointment Date: 12/7/2010

5 stars

I've now had three laser hair removal sessions at Pulse, and can say with great confidence that this place is AWESOME and I would give my highest recommendation to anyone who has ever thought about having it done.

I've had both Kim and Jennifer do my treatments, and they are both professional and highly skilled with the laser. A All three of my appointments saw me called back to a room within minutes (seconds?) of arrival. A The first visit had some introductions, paperwork and a discussion on treatment plan, but from the second time on, I essentially walk in, get treated, book my next appointment on my way out, for a grand total of being in and out in LESS than 20 minutes. A Incredibly efficient, but they make you feel comfortable, and every step is done with the highest attention paid to detail and quality of care. A The rooms are clean and have a spa-like atmosphere.

As for the Candela lasers they use, the results are amazing and I am a more than a little surprised at how effective even 2 treatments have been (practically no regrowth at 6 weeks--MUCH better than when I had another area done at a different place). A I personally don't think it hurts much (if at all), and depending on the area, it can feel like anything from a small burst of cold air to a mildly warm/burning sensation. A (But they are very good about giving a few test pulses to make sure you're alright, if you're nervous about pain). A

They are open 6 days a week, are very flexible in scheduling appointments, and send you automatic appointment reminders/instructions when you book. A Overall, Pulse is definitely as good as it gets!

Jess B. , New York, NY

Appointment Date: 11/12/2010

5 stars

This place was wonderful!! I had an appointment this morning for laser hair removal and it couldn't have been a better experience. I had been going elsewhere (Skin NY Medspa) A and the last time they went they did an awful job I looked like a zebra! Jen fixed everything and made me feel so comfortable! If you need Laser hair removal GO HERE! (and ask for Jen she was awesome!)

Suzie Z. , Long Island City, NY

Appointment Date: 8/7/2010

5 stars

I've gotten 2 chemical peels from this place so far by Michele and the service has been phenomenal. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell that she definitely knows what she is talking about. Chemical peels are usually very painful for me so when i first walked into her office i was mentally prepared to deal with the pain, but to my surprise it wasn't at all like how i expected. Michele was very gentle with my face. She used the pumpkin peel on my first visit. The smell of the pumpkin was very invigorating and the brush strokes she made to apply the peel actually felt therapeutic. Then when the burning sensation became stronger she handed me a fan to dull the burning a bit. Because the whole process was so relaxing I was afraid the peel might not have worked but in a couple days my skin starting peeling revealing a new fresh layer just like what she had said to me during my session. The second time i went back she used tomato peel on me. She increased the strength of the peel a little more this time, but it wasn't at all excruciating. Definitely more burning than the first time but nothing too over the top. I had some cystic acne she also treated for me before the peel. Today is the 3rd day after my 2nd peel with her and my face is slowly starting to peel. My cystic acne which I've had for a month is slowly shrinking. Michele is amazing. If you trust her and continue to let her treat you for the amount of visits she recommends, i have no doubt you will see tremendous improvement on your face. I don't have horrible skin to begin with but i already see noticeable improvement. Now that I've found this place, I would not go anywhere else for my chemical peels.

Patrick H. , New York, NY

Appointment Date: 6/22/2010

5 stars

I got tired of shaving my chest and decided to give laser hair removal a try. I did a lot of research about the different skin care centers in Manhattan and the laser equipment they use. PULSE was my first choice.

I met the owners Kim and Michelle and the two girls are very qualified and super friendly. After my initial consultation with Michelle I knew that I was at the right place.

The location is conveniently located and it is very clean and discreet. They only use Candela lasers, which is by far the best and most effective equipment out there!

I bought a package of six treatments at a great price. So far I had two treatments and the results are amazing!!

The owners are not only certified laser specialists but they are also licensed estheticians so I treated myself and signed up for a light peel on my face. wow! Thanks to Michelle's magic peel the fine lines around my eyes are reduced and my cheeks have a natural glow and feel great like never before.

I am glad that PULSE was my first choice. I can't wait for my next visit....

s l. , New York, NY

Appointment Date: 1/11/2011

5 stars

do you want to look youthful? radiant? and not have surgery or crazy botox? A do yourself a favor and get a facial peel. A I know, sounds scary and uncomfortable. But it's really not. Michelle is the best at them.

Michelle noticed the Melasma (facial pigment discoloration) that's I've had across my forehead for a long time. I've tried almost everything to get rid of it. Nothing quite worked. The Dermatologist recommended TriLuma - and didn't work. I've tried almost every OTC product promising to fix skin discoloration, and after spending a small fortune, and having a cabinet full of useless products, I gave up trying. Until Michelle told me about her trials and tribulations with expensive ineffective products. She had found a product that actually worked! Kojic Peels using the Rhoda Allison product line. I'm getting married this year, and so I said let's give it one last try. A Michelle was convinced she could help me, and I figured, worst case scenario, I would take a few years off my face.

I've only had two peels so far, and the results are great. I am super excited that the spotting is almost barely visable! I am so happy something worked! Finally ! Not only that, but the rest of my skin looks awesome, too. I've gotten so many compliments about how my skin looks so soft, clean, and younger! I'm addicted - it's such an easy, painless way of keeping the lines and aging off your face.

Peel Process - I've been getting the medium one - kojic acid peels - and it takes about 20 minutes. A It tingles a little bit, a little itchy. Michelle is really good about checking in with you - and monitoring how it feels to keep you comfortable. A The next day or so, it's not very obvious you've had a peel (which was a concern of mine) . You can't wear make up (powder) for a few days, but the skin has a nice, rosy, a bit taunt, look, so you don't really need it. A I just wore eye makeup. Also, you shouldn't get any waxing done right after - so get it done before you go. A And then the following 2 days, it will start to flake , but you put cream on it so it doesn't show the flaking. A You just need to be careful what you use - if it has too many chemicals, it will sting like a sunburn. A And use a zinc sunblock to protect your skin from the sun. I bought one for babies, that had less chemicals.

By the 4th day, you have nice, super soft, dewy skin. You look so fresh, youthful, radiant. The 2nd peel was even faster than the first one. A I think it was done by day 3. Like a facial, it will clean our your pores. A The facial is more massaging, but A the peel has better results. Your skin actually looks softer and takes years off your face. A And, most importantly, it is helping with my initial problem - the pigment spots!

Questions- Just ask them- I never feel rushed, and they answer all my questions. They give you a call the next day to check up on you, but if you find you have more questions, you can email, and get a personal response right away. It's really nice.

Dar I. , New York, NY

Appointment Date: 10/16/2010

5 stars

Bought a couple of Groupons for this place and started cashing them in around 6 weeks ago. A Setting up the initial appointment was effortless and on one occasion I spoke to one of the owners, Michelle, who was friendly, informative, and professional. They're very organized, having sent me a confirmation email with a pdf of instructions for hair removal and paperwork to fill out to expedite my visit. Their high level of professionalism made me feel comfortable about the whole thing even before I stepped in to the center.

The day of my visit, I spent just a few minutes waiting before I was brought back to a very sterile looking room, given a couple more papers to fill out, and chatted with Michelle about what services I wanted. The other owner, Kim, performed the procedures. She was also very friendly and professional, and chatted with me during the whole procedure to keep my mind off the pain. It is quite painful, but so worth it. My second visit is coming up very soon and already I notice a difference. This is the only center I've been to of this sort, so I can't compare. But based on my own ideas of high customer service and professionalism, I highly recommend this center. If I can manage to afford it, I will return here even without a Groupon.