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Chemical Peels

Bring on a new, brighter you…

When your skin needs more than just a little pick-me-up, a chemical peel may be just the solution you are looking for. Our estheticians create formulas specific to your complexion so that your skin gets exactly the type of peel it needs. Acne, dark spots, fine lines, redness, uneven texture and tone can all be improved with a chemical peel, as it lifts away the top layer of skin along with any imperfections. Your complexion will look brighter, clearer and healthier, and you'll gain confidence with your fresh face.

About the process.

Our superficial peels are safe and provide fantastic benefits. We apply a combination of acids or enzymes, depending on the results you want, allow it to penetrate your skin, and then gently remove the mixture. Soon your skin will begin to flake or peel, revealing the new cells beneath. Wiping out this dull top layer gives you a softer, smoother, refined texture. Your complexion will even begin to see a balance in oil production, a youthful glow and better hydration. What's not to love?

Is a Chemical Peel right for me?

Whether you're dealing with problem skin or just want to get your glow back, a chemical peel can put your complexion back on track. However, there are differing levels of peels, and not every condition can be fully resolved with a chemical peel. Every face is different, so each individual will see different results and even varying amounts of peeling. That's why we love to meet with our clients before we set up a treatment. We'll get to know you and your skin, give you a rundown of our procedures, and start a plan of action to ensure you get a top-notch treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of chemical peels you should have depends on the goals you are trying to achieve. For best results, peels should be done in a series, anywhere from three to six to start in conjunction with the proper home care regiment. Quarterly maintenance is also recommended to continue to reap the benefits of the series of treatments.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

For the week prior to your session, you'll need to stop using any retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids. You'll also want to cleanse, moisturize and apply sunscreen every day to ensure a more effective treatment.
If you're ready to set up a free consultation, call us or fill out an appointment form today. We'll get you started with everything you need to know about the peel process, so you can unleash a brighter you.

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