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Laser Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal using Laser GentleYAG
Chest Hair Removal using Laser GentleLASEl
Chin Hair Removal using Laser GentleYAG
Chin Hair Removal(2) using Laser GentleYAG
Outside Ear Hair Removal using Laser GentleYAG
  • Facial Hair Removal using GentleYAG

  • Chest Hair Removal using GentleLASE

  • Chin Hair Removal using GentleYAG

  • Chin Hair Removal(2) using GentleYAG

  • Outside Ear Hair Removal using GentleYAG

  • Underarm Hair Removal using GentleLASE

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Tired of the endless shaving and waxing cycle?

Pulse offers laser hair removal that is fast, easy and effective: you will see permanent hair reduction in just a few sessions. Get ready to kiss your razors and wax goodbye and embrace smooth, sleek skin! Never again will you have to suffer through embarrassing "forgot to shave" moments, or endure irritation and ingrown hairs. Feel comfortable in your skin with laser hair removal for any area on your body.

About the process.

We use state of the art technology to ensure your treatment is the most effective and comfortable possible. The process uses a laser to destroy the hair at the follicle, preventing it from re-growing so that unwanted hair is reduced significantly. Each session is fast and easy, since an underarm or bikini area takes around 10 minutes to complete, and a full leg or back area takes about 30 minutes. Once your treatment regimen is complete, you can enjoy supple, beautiful skin free of stubble and irritation.

Is Laser Hair Removal right for me?

Since our lasers target pigment in the hair follicle, you'll see the best results if your hair is dark and course. The laser is unable to detect blonde, white, gray and some shades of red, so these types of hair cannot be treated. Our Candela lasers treat people of any skin tone or ethnicity.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will vary based on your hair type and the area of your body that's being treated, however, we recommend a minimum of six sessions to achieve permanent reduction. You should schedule your treatments about 4-6 weeks apart to see the best results and ensure that undesirable hair is eliminated.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

Avoid tanning for a month before your appointment, and refrain from plucking or waxing hairs for about 2-4 weeks prior to your removal date. Your technician will give you detailed instructions on when to shave before your session, along with any other prep work that may be necessary.

Our goal is to get you the best possible results. When you book a consultation, we will examine the area to be treated and give you an honest assessment of whether your hair can be removed successfully. You are our top priority, so rest assured we will make certain your consultation is thorough and reliable.

If you're ready to renew your confidence with smooth, gorgeous skin, book your free consultation today and get your skin started on a path to freedom!

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