My first experience with laser hair removal was traumatizing to say the least.


Although the facility itself was luxurious and came highly recommended, the staff was not fully equipped to service women of color. After my fourth session with the aesthetician, my face was riddled with first degree burns, which slowly transformed into repulsive and immensely stubborn scabs. It took a year for the scarring on my face to go away. A year for the burn marks to disappear, although the same can’t be said for the problematic and evergrowing facial hair.

The facial hair had grown in with a vengeance, as the laser sessions had not been completed due to the burns. It took SIX YEARS for me to muster the courage to willingly visit another aesthetician for facial hair removal. I’d done extensive research, had consultations with several aestheticians and finally decided to visit Pulse Laser facility on a whim, where I met Komal. A bit chatty but she provides extensive information and thorough detail about the hair removal process; and even shares her own experience with laser hair removal as a woman of color. T

his was music to my ears!! The machines used to service darker skin tones at Pulse + Komal’s expertise combined are life changing. I used to shave the sides of my face and chin areas every other day. After my first session, I’ve only had to shave once since the appointment. Since then, the facial hairs are barely visible. After spending thousands of dollars, prayed countless times, and intermittent bouts of depression, my prayers have been answered! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to my next appointment!