I’ve been coming here since 2011…

Yelp 5 Star Review

…for various areas of my mostly now hairless body for hair removal and highly recommend. For the most part – I’d say 90-95% of the hair has not come back- and that would probably be higher if I was vigilant regarding touch ups- but I’m a lazy laser (alliteration anyone) person.

After 3 years of no touch ups for my underarms- I have about 5-8 course hairs in each so it was time for a visit. My technician who I saw for many years (Jennifer) has left to start a new chapter in her life – I miss her but she trained the person I saw this time-Melanie- who is very pleasant.

I felt their Covid procedures were in point. Felt very safe. And if you check in on yelp you get a cute hand sanitizer or lip balm.