Obsesed with HyrdraFacials…

Yelp 5 Star Review

Having lived in Las Vegas for 6 years I became obsessed with hydrofacials and it’s benefits of brightening and rejuvenating my skin. I recently moved to NYC this past summer and searched for a place that provided the same amount of care and dedication

I was used to receiving for my hydrofacials in LV. Hydrofacials with Melanie at Pulse Laser is the place!!! I have gotten 2 signature hydrofacials here with Melanie and both times she’s provided me with individualized treatment specific to my skin needs. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin looking healthier and brighter, and Melanie has given me tips as to how I can make my daily and weekly skin regime better.

I would advise to prepare for approximately a 60 min treatment even though the signatures says 30 min. 5 stars for Melanie and Pulse Laser!!