Get rid of dry skin this winter!

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UnknownWinter temperatures can wreak havoc on the skin all over our body- not just our face. If you’re looking to get rid of your dry skin, or at least soothe it this winter, here are a few steps you can take.

Dry, cracked skin on hands or feet?

If you have dry skin on your hands or feet, you may need to invest in a  few key items. A thick, moisturizing lotion and a pair of cotton gloves or socks to keep the lotion where it needs to be can be really helpful. If you can leave the lotion on your feet over night that can be great, but even a few hours while reading will be helpful.  Feet can also be exfoliated with a pumice stone, and then wrapped in moisturizer directly after.

If the skin on your hands is dry and cracking, steer clear of over-washing or harsh alcohols or chemicals that will further dry them out. Keep hand lotion with you and reapply often. You may enjoy using a cuticle oil during this time as well.

Do you have dry skin on the legs?

Get rid of dry skin on the legs with a gentle exfoliant that contains jojoba beads. Once the skin is exfoliated, immediately apply a body oil, cream or lotion of your choice. You may find that shaving can be irritating when you have dry skin, so be sure to use a thick shaving foam (or better yet, laser the hair off!).

Is the skin on your face increasingly dry in the winter?

You can get rid of dry skin on the face by using a heavier moisturizer and incorporating a hydrating serum underneath it, like hyaluronic acid, which draws water into the skin. You can increase the usage of moisturizing masks, and there are many on the market that can be left on overnight, so that you can get rid of dry skin while you sleep!

One of the most important factors of getting rid of dry skin all over your body is to treat it well. Don’t take a shower that is too hot- this will leech moisture from your skin. Exfoliate gently to remove the dry, dead skin. Immediately apply your moisturizers soon after bathing or washing your face. Use heavier lotions and creams, and incorporate oils and serums. Be sure to drink enough water so that you stay hydrated, and take an Omega vitamin that has all of the Omegas in it (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) so that your body can replenish from the inside.

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