The Acne Scar Solution

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Acne Scar Treatment - Laser Skin ResurfacingAcne can be problematic for many people, but even when the breakouts have gone away, the long lasting negative effects can stay with a person, sometimes for years.  Acne scars that are red or pigmented in appearance, or even pitted scars due to cystic acne can be hard to cover, and really make a persons’ self-esteem suffer long-term.

If you’re looking to get rid of your active acne, prevent or get rid of acne scarring, and have smooth, glowing skin, we have the solution for you using a combination of Chemical Peels and laser skin rejuvenation with our Candela Smoothbeam Laser. Top it off with one of our customized facials, and you will be on your way to gorgeous.

We prefer to tackle the issue of acne from both the surface of the skin, as well as in the dermal layer where the oil glands are.  We perform a Chemical Peel with our Rhonda Allison products that will effectively help to kill surface bacteria, exfoliate dead surface skin, and lighten pigmentation. These peels may be performed using acids such as TCA, modified Jessner, Kojic, and many more!  The Smoothbeam laser will work underneath the surface of the skin, where the bacteria resides. The heat from the laser kills the bacteria, shrinks the oil gland so that there is less oil produced, and it promotes the growth of collagen so that the depressions in the skin even out and become less noticeable over time. With the addition of a deep cleansing facial every now and again to clear the pores of blackheads, your skin will be in fabulous shape.

*Bear in mind that when it comes to chemical peels and laser, that it is likely that multiple treatments will be needed.



  1. joe

    Acne is very painful to all aged people but it is more irritating for teenager. I think your article will definitely helps all aged people to get rid from depressing acne. I also recommend the OTC acne treatment as soon as somebody notices little bumps or blackheads but I think before taking medication like Salicylic acid individual should go to dermatologist


  2. Hannah

    Love this place and I love article. I was happy to read article about ACNE treatments. It was helpful!


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