The Pulse Girls got PEELED!

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We think that it’s only fair that we receive all the services that we give- it gives us knowledge as to how our clients feel and what they experience during and after a treatment. Additionally, we realize that there is always more knowledge out there that we can benefit from, which is why, when representatives from Rhonda Allison were in town for the recent Esthetics Show, we asked them to come by for some continuing education. This education also included getting a peel!

My skin is fair, and combination in skin type.  As I’ve aged and am currently in my 30′s, I’ve noticed that my oil production has reduced and I’ve started to get a lot more dry.  Along with that, past sun exposure from my youth coupled with my hormonal birth control have given me some sun spots on my cheek area that I was eager to reduce.

We decided that the Rhonda Allison “Melanin Lift” peel would be the best option for me.  After a cleanse with our Pumpkin Cleanser (I use this daily and LOVE IT!) we prepped with the Fruit Acid Botanical to get all the oils off of my skin.  Already I was feeling a tingle.  Next step was applying the 15% TCA/AHA, which is a relatively intensive peel.  We used 3 passes on my face, each sitting on the skin and soaking in for a few minutes before applying the next.  I was feeling the burn, however with the use of a fan, it was totally manageable.

loving the fan!

After removing the acid, we applied the Melanin Suppressant on my face and topped that off with a layer of Vitamin A + Peptide (an intensive Retinol containing collagen boosting peptides).  This remained on my skin overnight and I rinsed in the morning with water.

I definitely felt a slight tingle for about an hour after getting the peel, and my skin was pink and glowing.  On Saturday, I felt tight, but did not add any lotions or serums to my skin- I didn’t want to over-hydrate my skin and prolong the peel.  The good news is that I was able to go to work and then go out that night and no one knew anything was different.

Sunday was a different story!  I started to peel first around my nose and mouth, which is where most people begin to peel as it is a mobile area.  I used Sea Gems when I was feeling especially tight or peeling, and also started to use my Growth Factor Serum to aid in healing of the skin.  I wasn’t the prettiest girl on the block that day, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying myself.  Same on Monday- more of my face was peeling and it started to extend outward on my cheeks and upward on my forehead. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t pick the skin off before it’s ready.  It can damage the skin and create an uneven peel. It’s certainly tempting to try and pick, but please try not to! (It was hard for me too!)

Now, I’m almost a 7 days out, and my skin is smooooooth and soft! I am still waiting to peel on my neck a bit, but the bulk of it is done, redness has gone away and I am no longer tight feeling.  I’m continuing to use my Growth Factor Serum to aid in healing of my skin, and tomorrow I will start to use my normal every day products.  I have absolutely noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin as well as a reduction in the sun damage, though I think I could benefit from another peel to reduce it more.

Have you ever had a peel?  What were your experiences?

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