Using a Laser as an alternative to fillers

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Ever wish that your skin could be more plump and youthful looking, but you’re scared of needles and adding unknown fillers to your face?  Lots of women feel this way! Plump, glowing skin is a sign of youth and vitality, yet the idea of getting nipped and tucked to make it appear that way is fearful to some (as well as being out of most peoples’ price range!).

There ARE other options to make skin appear less wrinkled and sagging and at Pulse we do this with our GentleYAG laser and do what is called “Skin Tightening”.  Skin Tightening is a great way to build your own natural collagen.  As we age, we lose our collagen and elastin- which is what makes skin go from being elastic and bouncy, to sagging and dull.  Over time, in about 6 Skin Tightening sessions, skin appears more taut and full.  How the laser does this isn’t magic!  The YAG laser heats up the cells in the dermis, creating a thermal injury to the skin, making it think that it needs to heal.  During this “healing” process the cells naturally generate their own collagen.  This typically takes 30-90 days to begin, and it is certainly a progressive treatment where the more treatments you do, the better your results will be over time.  With these Skin Tightening treatments, some of our clients who had once been thinking about doing Botox or getting a filler such as Restylane or Juvederm are no longer considering it.

The great thing about Skin Tightening on the YAG is that there is NO DOWN TIME!  None!  You may be slightly pink for an hour or so after treatment, but other than that, there are no adverse side effects to the surface of the skin- no peeling, pigmentation, or scabbing of the skin.  The treatment itself is quick- about 45 minutes from start to finish.  As the laser is using heat to generate collagen production, we do suggest that our clients numb their faces to make it completely painless and comfortable (or the other areas of their body that they are doing- necks, chests, and even abdomen are popular choices).  Our clients come in about once a month to every 6 weeks to complete their treatments.

Would you consider doing Skin Tightening as an alternative to botox and fillers?  Let us know in the comments!


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