Why Winter is a Great Time for Laser Hair Removal

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barelegsinwinterWhen the weather warms up, most of us start thinking of the best way to get rid of unwanted hair. You want to look your best in those tanks, shorts and two pieces – and we understand that. It can be such an annoying process having to constantly go through removal creams, waxing and shaving. But thankfully you can avoid those expensive repeats if you opt for laser hair removal! It’s the only way to remove or reduce hair permanently. And guess what? The winter is the best time to get it done!

If you begin your laser hair removal treatments in the winter, by the time the summer arrives, you will have reached optimum results. Here are two reasons it’s beneficial to start your treatments in the autumn or winter:

  1. Laser hair removal cannot be performed on newly tanned skin. You must wait two to four weeks before and after sun exposure to treat the targeted area. During the winter, there is less chance of your skin being exposed to the sun.
  2. After the treatment, you need to keep the targeted areas of your body out of sunlight. It is easier to do so during the winter because you will most likely be wearing more clothing.


The hair needs to fall out naturally, this is why you shouldn’t wax or tweeze after treatment, but shaving is fine. The same can be said for pre-treatment – it’s alright to shave a few days before. Our technicians actually request that you do so the follicle remains intact, but there is still little hair on the surface.

The laser light converts to heat when it passes through your skin. The heat is absorbed by the dark pigment in your hair follicle, which is then damaged by the heat and hair growth is inhibited.

Hair has three main growing stages, and laser hair removal is performed during the first stage. This is why it requires several appointments to see the best results. You need time for each follicle to reach the beginning stage. It’s important to be consistent and have patience. You can expect to see optimum results in three months, and the results keep getting better after that!

If you’re interested in laser hair removal, contact Pulse Laser & Skincare Center to schedule your consultation. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve their ideal appearance. Since the treatment can take up to three months to show optimum results, opting to have laser hair removal in the winter will give you smooth skin by summer.

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